Former Ambassador, Connor Glynn

Connor at Clarity Information Solutions

Connor at Clarity Information Solutions

Former Better Learners Better Workers Ambassador Connor Glynn was looking forward to a promising future when we caught up with him in 2015, after he had joined high tech Clarity Information Solutions as a Web Developer Apprentice.

Connor, 17, joined the Sheffield based IT company in  2014 after leaving Yewlands School.

We got together with Connor at Clarity Information Solutions, which is based at the Sheffield Business Centre, to ask him a few questions about his day to day duties as an apprentice and how being a Better Learners Better Workers Ambassador had helped him improve his career prospects.

BLBW: “Hi Connor, thanks for seeing us today! Why did you decide to become an apprentice?”

Connor: “Many reasons! Mainly, it was the prospect of earning money – having money in your back pocket enables you to do so many things that you simply can’t do without it. For instance I’m taking singing lessons, I’m having driving lessons, I’ve just bought myself a new guitar and a piano – I couldn’t do these things without the money I earn as an apprentice. I feel it’s giving me a head start in life.”

BLBW: “Excellent! How did the Better Learners Better Workers programme help you prepare for your apprenticeship?”

Connor: “The skills that are taught by the programme are the sort of things that you can’t really learn by reading a book – you have to practice them. Confidence is a good example – in the sessions you’d be put in teams with people who you didn’t know so well to complete tasks; you’d also be asked to stand up and speak to the rest of the group, which at first was quite intimidating but doing these things over and over slowly builds your confidence, which really helps when you start in the world of work as an apprentice!”

BLBW: “Okay, good. What sort of things do you get up to in a typical day at work?”

Connor: “On a typical day at work I spend a lot of my time learning about web development with my mentor Nigel – he gives me pieces of work to do that are for actual clients. I’ll also do coursework, so I’m learning all the time.”

BLBW:  “Work wise, where do you see yourself in five years time?”

Connor: “That depends on what route I decide to take – at the end of this year I could go straight to university, I could stay on another year at Clarity Information Solutions and do a level 4 apprenticeship then go straight into work – it all depends on the route I take in life! I feel that I’ve got choices, which is great!”

BLBW: “Okay, onto our final question – what advice would you give to current BLBW Ambassadors to help them prepare for their future in the world of work?”

Connor: “The best advice I could give is to try things that you wouldn’t normally, things that are outside of your comfort zone – they’re the things you need to work on and if you do them over and over again they’ll eventually become second nature. For instance, I used to hate speaking out loud to a group of people – everytime I made eye contact with a member of the audience I’d feel embarrassed. Now I’m fine with public speaking because I kept on practising it until it felt natural.”

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