Former Ambassador, Joshua Straw

Joshua Straw

Joshua Straw

We caught up with Better Learners Better Workers Ambassador Joshua Straw who kindly agreed to have a quick chat about his position in the NHS as a Clerical Apprentice.

At the time, Joshua was part of the Administration Clerical Apprenticeship working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and doing his learning at The Sheffield College, where  he had been on the programme since September 2014.

In the following interview, Joshua told us about his day-to-day work and why he enjoyed the Better Learners Better Workers Programme .

BLBW: Hello Joshua, thanks for talking with us today! Why did you decide to become a Better Learners Better Workers Ambassador?

Joshua: The Better Learners Better Workers team came to my school and did an assembly – they explained about the NHS course and it sounded really appealing. They also explained about the skills that you can learn on the programme and how taking part could help if you wanted to work in the NHS. This all sounded really good, so I decided to get involved.

BLBW: Okay, sounds good! What sort of areas does your Apprenticeship cover?

Joshua: It’s an administration and clerical apprenticeship. My working week involves two days office-based work, two days at the Northern General Hospital and one day at college.

BLBW: Thanks Joshua. How has the Better Learners Better Workers programme helped you prepare for an Apprenticeship? Was it useful?

Joshua: It’s given me a lot of the skills that I need in the working world – practicing my interview technique has particularly helped me and has really boosted my confidence.

BLBW: So do you feel that you have benefited from taking part in the Better Learners Better Workers programme?

Joshua: Definitely, yes! Particularly with my communication skills – I have gained much more confidence when dealing with my co-workers, so that’s really good.

BLBW: Excellent! What role do you see yourself in five years from now? Do you think your Apprenticeship will help you to achieve this role?

Joshua: I see myself working as an IT administrator and technician and moving away from the clerical side a bit. The apprenticeship has already opened doors for me at the NHS and will hopefully give me skills and contacts to move in that direction.

BLBW: So, would you recommend the Better Learners Better Workers Ambassador programme to other young people?

Joshua: Yes definitely. It teaches you the skills that you need to get noticed by employers and to become successful in work. I probably wouldn’t have got my apprenticeship if I hadn’t taken part, it’s been really helpful!

BLBW: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about entering into this programme?

Joshua: Just go for it and try your best because it’s going to help you in the long run!

BLBW: And that concludes the interview, many thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Joshua!

Update: Joshua has now completed his Apprenticeship and is currently working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

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