Ambassadors Develop Skills With Barclays Digital Eagles

Published Wednesday 27 December 2017 in Sheffield

Better Learners Better Workers Ambassadors recently visited Barclays Bank on Pinstone Street, Sheffield, to see computer science in action at the bank.

The session, delivered by Barclay’s Digital Eagles, covered different aspects including: roles and opportunities in the sector, how computer science is used in day-to-day banking, technology in a branch, cyber security, what being a Digital Eagle entails, how mobile banking works and etiquette in email and social media.

The visit to Barclays Bank is part of a two-year Digital Sector programme where Ambassadors explore aspects of computer science whilst developing skills for the world of work. The programme includes visits to employers to see technology in action in the workplace, skills development sessions in school and regular meetings with Business Champions, who offer mentoring to the Ambassadors.

Ambassadors join the programme in Y9 and across the two years develop fifteen core skills, identified by both employers and academics, alongside gaining knowledge of the jobs and opportunities available within the sector.

Ipanda Kalyata, Y10 Ambassador at All Saints said: “Today we’ve been looking at how to improve cyber security, how it has developed and how banks have updated to be more secure.”

Speaking about what she’s learned on the programme as a whole, she added: “I’ve learnt a lot about coding and computational thinking, and thinking outside of the box in general. Group discussions have also grown my confidence because I never used to talk at all, and as of doing this course especially, I join in more group discussions and I’m not afraid to organise a group.”

Leo Martin, Y10 Ambassador at Westfield said: “Mainly we’ve been going out to different places and learning about how computer science is incorporated into various things such as banking, or robotics. We’ve also taken part in things such as app development which has really helped us develop our skills.”

He added: “I’ve developed a lot of team working skills – on the various trips we’ve learned to work together and solve problems using logic. We’ve also done creative activities, thinking of different ways we can change things to be more effective. I would definitely recommend this programme to others as it’s a great experience. You get to go to lots of different places and learn many different things as well as making new friends from different schools that you might not have met otherwise.”

To find out more about the Better Learners, Better Workers Digital Sector Programme please visit our Sectors page.

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