Digital Ambassadors Develop New Skills at Arm

Published Thursday 22 February 2018 in Sheffield

Ambassadors on the Digital Technology programme recently visited Arm at their new Sheffield office on St Mary’s Gate.

Arm technology underpins many of the devices that make modern life possible, helping to transform our daily experience. Its processor designs are enabling the intelligence in more than 120 billion silicon chips, securely powering products including smartphones, digital cameras, smart TVs, portable games consoles, wearables, servers and self-driving cars.

Ambassadors learnt about Arm’s processors, that are in more than 95% of all smartphones, enjoyed a tour of their new offices, and took part in a series of activities. The activities included tower building with spaghetti, encouraging Ambassadors to think carefully about structure and design to achieve a goal, and using a micro:bit, which Arm developed the microprocessor for, to receive radio signals and decipher codes.

After the activities, Ambassadors had the chance to network in groups with six Arm employees, finding out more about the work they do and how they ended up in their roles. The visit ended with an informal networking event and a game of table tennis, to show more of the company’s culture and what it’s like to work at Arm.

Alessandro Grande, Education Advisor at Arm, who facilitated the visit said: “As a company at the centre of the computing and connectivity revolution, it’s important for us to engage with as many young people as possible. We need to encourage and inspire the next generation of young engineers and technologists to pursue STEM subjects, and it also gives us an opportunity to give back to our local communities by teaching younger people about the opportunities technology can offer.”

The visit to Arm is one of many meaningful employer encounters that Ambassadors on the Better Learners, Better Workers Programme gain over the course of 2 years. Find out more about the programme here.

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