At the heart of Better Learners Better Workers is the delivery of a high quality student Ambassador Programme in each employment sector.

Ambassadors are recruited at the end of Year 8 and are on programme throughout Years 9 and 10, with pathway sessions and ‘Better Learners Better Workers’ graduation in Year 11. The bulk of activity ahead of Year 11 means that students can maintain focus on their GCSEs and also develop knowledge and skills that will help them in their GCSE subjects.

The programme operates with a small number of students in each school. Students have to apply and go through a formal selection process to become an Ambassador and participate in a sector programme.

Each sector programme includes a variety of high quality training:

  • Team Building day
  • Skills Matter day
  • Employer Visits
  • World of Work
  • Work Experience

Ambassadors have regular feedback and reviews and are awarded a Skills Passport to recognise their achievements.

In return, Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Represent their school and their business sector
  • Share what they learn about the world of work and the business sector with other students in the school.

Ambassadors have an opportunity to speak to a range of audiences, support the delivery of the programme and contribute their views to help shape and develop the programme for other young people.

Better Learners Better Workers