At the heart of Better Learners Better Workers is the delivery of a high quality student Ambassador Programme in each employment sector.

Ambassadors are recruited at the end of Year 8 and are on programme throughout Years 9 or year 10 with pathway sessions and ‘Better Learners Better Workers’ graduation in the end of either year 9 or 10.

The programme operates with a small number of students in each school. Students have to apply and go through a formal selection process to become an Ambassador and participate in a sector programme.

Each sector programme includes a variety of high quality training:

  • Team Building day
  • Skills Matter day
  • Employer Visits
  • World of Work assemblies
  • Employer encounters in school

Ambassadors have regular feedback and reviews and are awarded a Skills Passport to recognise their achievements.

In return, Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Represent their school and their business sector
  • Share what they learn about the world of work and the business sector with other students in the school.

Ambassadors have an opportunity to speak to a range of audiences, support the delivery of the programme and contribute their views to help shape and develop the programme for other young people.

Better Learners Better Workers