Business Champions

Business Champions are a vital element of the Better Learners, Better Workers programme, creating a strong bridge between schools and the world of work.

Business Champions support the programme by:

  • Mentoring/coaching and supporting the young people who are Ambassadors on the programme
  • Providing real-life business challenges and projects for young people to undertake
  • Offering or facilitating visits or work experience opportunities
  • Raising awareness of their sector with both students and staff

Business Champions who act as mentors are allocated to a particular school and group of Ambassadors. As mentors, they review their Ambassadors’ activities and discuss the relevant skills they are learning. At the end of the programme, they review and validate the self-assessment that Ambassadors undertake about what they have learnt on the programme and sign off their Ambassadors’ Skills Passports.

Some Business Champions focus instead on offering workplace visits, talks, business challenges or work experience.

Below are some of our current Business Champions:

Better Learners Better Workers