Emergency Services Ambassadors Put Skills to the Test on Fire Training Ground

Published Wednesday 17 May 2017 in Rotherham, Sheffield

Emergency Services Ambassadors from Outwood Academy put their skills to the test at a training session with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue on Wednesday 10th May,  as part of the Cutlers’ Better Workers Better Learners programme.

Throughout the day, the students took part in activities including a real-life scenario enactment of a smoke filled flat on the Rotherham Fire Station training ground. Students led each other to safety through the flat and down flights of stairs in total darkness whilst donning full Firefighter uniform. Another scenario included rescuing individuals from a crashed vehicle.

Students also gained knowledge of the operations at the Fire Station and enjoyed a tour of the facilities. This included seeing fire appliances up close, such as the vehicles and equipment used in emergencies. Ambassadors learnt about the health and safety procedures carried out by the fire and rescue team.

Owen, a student on the programme said: “We’ve learnt how a Fireman actually copes, what procedures are carried out in a fire and how to save people’s lives. I’ve learnt team building skills, how to be confident, and how to deal with different situations that I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience without this programme.”

Fellow student Laura added: “It’s good to visit a real fire station because you get to see all the action and real life scenarios. I’ve learnt a lot about team work and how to use conversation to work better as a team.”

Alyssa, another student on the programme said: “We’ve been learning about what it’s like to be in an actual fire and how to lead each other to safety in total darkness. On the programme I’ve learnt how to work better as a team and how to listen to other people in order to make things better and succeed.”

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