Better Learners Better Workers Launches Across South Yorkshire For 2017/18

Published Friday 3 November 2017 in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield

Better Learners Better Workers activities have started taking place across South Yorkshire, with programmes running in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. This year, even more schools and employers are taking part, reaching even more young people. There are now programmes in 30 schools training 500 Ambassadors and reaching over 6000 young people across the Sheffield City Region.

Nine new education partners have joined the programme this year: Chaucer School, Darton College, Don Valley Academy, Hall Cross Academy, King Edward VII School, Mexborough Academy, Penistone Grammar School, Sheffield Springs Academy and Winterhill School.

The programme continues to deliver employer-led learning across six main sectors: Arts & Culture, Construction, Digital, Emergency Services, Engineering and NHS/Healthcare. Each sector strand’s core purpose is to provide Better Learners Better Workers Ambassadors with work-ready skills, which will develop the necessary foundations to succeed in school and further education, at work and in later life.

Ambassadors are documenting the development of their skills in newly designed materials compiled in the form of a new for 2017/18 Better Learners Better Workers folder. The folder consists of an Ambassadors handbook and a Skills Booklet which Ambassadors will refer to and reflect on at all stages of their learning. Ambassadors are working towards a brand new skills framework this year consisting of 15 skills and values that employers and research from across the region have told us young people need.

The new Skills Framework is made up of skills relating to three key areas, Character Skills, Core Skills and Workplace Skills. These skills are: Five Character Skills: responsibility, confidence, adaptability, persistence/determination and resilience; Five Core Skills: communication, literacy, numeracy, digital skills and creativity; Five Workplace Skills: planning/organising, critical thinking/evaluating, problem solving/decision making, co-ordination/teamwork and reviewing/learning.

Ambassadors will be taking part in a variety of activities across the year including employer-based learning and internships, skills development days, 1:1 interviews with real employers, sector related events such as Get up to Speed at Magna, school based activities and reviewing their progress with Business Champions.

To find out more about the programme, or if you would like information on how your school can get involved please contact us.



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