Ambassadors Discover Digital Sector Jobs at Jaywing

Published Thursday 9 August 2018 in Sheffield

Digital Industries Ambassadors on the Better Learners Better Workers programme recently visited Jaywing’s offices in Sheffield to see how a large marketing agency uses digital technology to advertise and promote the work of its client businesses.

Jaywing employs over 600 staff in six UK offices, as a well as having an office in Australia. The visit was led by Sally Rushton, Head of Digital Engagement at Jaywing, who introduced Ambassadors to the company and took them on a tour of their Sheffield office based in Albert Works, a former derelict forge that has been part of a new phase of regeneration in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter.

Ambassadors then met with James Lilley, Partnership Development Director, who explained how Jaywing work with their customers such as Castrol Oils, Sky, First Direct and Pepsi. James explained how Jaywing use research and data analysis to better understand and help brands connect with their customers, using this information to create marketing strategies that develop stronger emotional connections.

Ambassadors then took part in a workshop to understand the different job roles at Jaywing and what the jobs entailed. Four members of staff took part; a developer, planner, creative and account manager, and Ambassadors were tasked with guessing the duties of each role. The group found the account manager role the most revealing after understanding that it had nothing to do with finance as guessed but was actually the conduit who translates the customer’s needs to Jaywing, which then define the strategy and creative output to help the customer.

To conclude the visit, Ambassadors were introduced to a live brief that Jaywing are currently working on: Marketing Sheffield. The group were split into two teams and each had to come up with ideas that would bring trade, tourism and talent into the Sheffield region. The activity gave Ambassadors an understanding of the skills required to communicate with different audiences, how it feels to work under pressure and appreciate the creativity that goes into coming up with original ideas.

Of the visit, Sally Rushton said “It was a pleasure welcoming the Ambassadors and giving them a flavour of the work Jaywing do for our clients. Within the marketing industry, there is a very broad range of career opportunities available which we were able to demonstrate through our work; from the data, insight-led to the highly creative roles, and I hope in some way that we helped to inspire the ambassadors on their future career paths.”

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