BLBW Ambassadors learn the architectural process on studio visit

Published Tuesday 8 October 2019 in Sheffield

As part of the Construction and the Built Environment Strand, the Year 10 Ambassadors from Chaucer School were lucky enough to be invited to the studios of  Coda,  one of the Architects working with Sheffield Housing Company.

The Ambassadors were given demonstrations of a whole build project journey from the embryonic stages in a boardroom right up to how the initial plans translate to a functioning building.

The staff at Coda discussed and answered questions about how to get into Architecture including what grades were required and what courses they had taken to get where they are and also how much time and commitment it had taken.

The visit culminated with a tour of an adjacent live construction site where Architects were working alongside Site Project Staff to complete a large multi-grade apartment development.

The Ambassadors were able to see up close yet another career in construction that demonstrates that construction roles are not all based on a cold, muddy building site. They asked a lot of questions and one Ambassador even requested to do a work experience placement with Coda at the end of the year.

Melissa Maddison, Y10 Leader from Chaucer School said: “All of the students really enjoyed it and came away with a great insight into architecture. This really compliments the other sessions they have done as part of the Better Learners Better Workers programme.”

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