The Better Learners Better Workers programme is working across a range of different industry sectors.  The approach is consistent but flexible.

The way it works is that each sector has a lead organisation that delivers the programme activities and facilitates the visits and work experience within the sector.  That may be a partnership of a university or employer and a specialist facilitator used to brokering industry/business partnerships. For example in the Engineering sector, the Company of Cutlers is the lead organisation and Work Wise is the sector specialist facilitator.

Each sector programme includes:

  • Three whole-day programmes – Team Building, Skills Matter and World of Work – which have a generic structure that can be adapted to suit each employment sector
  • Employer visits that are intended to raise awareness of the range and scope of the sector, the career opportunities and the work skills that they require
  • Work experience elements that are intended to provide an in-depth opportunity for students to see the sector at work, undertake project activities and develop work skills
  • Pathway Sessions to provide the ambassadors with careers information, advice and guidance on the world of work, apprenticeships, Post-16, and Further and Higher Education opportunities

Construction and the Built Environment

Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing



Better Learners Better Workers