Fire & Rescue

The Fire & Rescue programme is delivered in partnership with the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Better Learners Better Workers Ambassadors are given an insight into what it means to work on a Fire & Rescue team and the different roles that Fire & Rescue play in the community.

The Year 10 programme consists of:

  • An induction session on site at an actual fire station
  • The half-day ‘Think Team’ event focusing on the importance of teams, role play and team building exercises
  • A full day water safety ‘More Than Just Fires’ event
  • A half-day ‘Meet the Team’ event at the fire station where Ambassadors get an opportunity to understand the different jobs on a Fire & Rescue team
  • A half-day ‘Operation and Safety’ event looking at health and safety issues in a fun and relevant way
  • A half-day event looking at the role of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue in the community

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